Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Comments to Bipolar Child Articles

What to Look For
An Historic Book


  1. It is a very useful articles and helps to diagonised the bipolar depression to youngs childs and suggest necessary steps to overcome it

  2. I need help finding a neuropsycologist to diagnose my 12 year old son. We live in Grand Junction Colorado but are very willing to travel. Going through a really hard time and hope to get a reply. I seem to not be finding the right path to a professional in this field, but hope someone out there is listening.

  3. Thank you for this article. I'm convinced more than ever that I am on the right track to properly diagnosing and helping my son, who will turn 7 next weekend. He's been diagnosed and treated for ADHD and PTSD. I know in my heart it's more than that, but the mental health professionals are wary of going down that road of BP dx at such an early age. I've decided that we are indeed already going down "that road", so now we need help navigating it.

  4. I really appreciate your articles, John. They touch on so many of the issues we see with our 13 yr old daughter. She has been diagnosed with AD/HD since age 5 but as she has aged, it became more apparent that was not all that was at work. We are perhaps finally reaching a formal diagnosis of BiPolar after skirting the topic for several years. Years in which we as a family have just about come unglued. I found your articles informative and reassuring

    Thank You,
    Kim R.
    Cary, NC

  5. I am not convinced this exisits, it may... but I am not yet convinced. I think even in adults we diagnose bipolar disorder way too much. there is so much over lap between bipolar disorder and many behavior disorders. Many primary care provioders that know little about mental health give out the diagnosis of bipolar disoorder like it is a free sample. Andy yet often mood stabilizers don't work, I believe that is because the person is not bipolar. I have been anurse in psych mental health for 10 yers, in-patient in locked wards and out pateint and in pediatrics and adult.

    We are too quick to label people, we wamnt a reason for thier behavior and we never want it to be realted to themselves, environment, or parenting.

    I have seen true devastating bipolar disorder, an illness that steals one's life. And I have met people that say they are bipolar because they drink too ,much, gamble all their money, cheat on their wife and are moody.

    Again, there may be such thing as pediatric bipolar disorder. However, if they ever come up with a blood test for bipolar disorder or a specific test, we will all be amazed at who is and who is not bipolar.