Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comments to DSM-5 Report Card Articles

Grading Depression, Grading Bipolar, etc ...


  1. I do. I listen to you. Frankly, I bet many psychologists and psychiatrists listen to you too, including the ones in the workgroup. I think you have brilliantly and rather hilariously put your finger on exactly what parts of DSM-IV need to be fixed, and won't be. Also, WHY they won't be. I think it's true and important that this is not the fault of the good people who are trying to do the hard digging here, but a reflection of limitations in our understanding and our science, to say nothing of a process governed by intensely conflicting interests. Well-said, and thanks for saying it.

  2. My comment? Thank God I found your site. The end.

  3. I need to give this article to my psychiatrist. I can't tell you how often he's told me that what I experience is not related to my disorder.