Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comments to Anger in Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Opening of article

Clayton Tucker-Ladd PhD in Psychological Self-Help cites a 1983 Psychology Today poll that asked: "If you could secretly push a button and thereby eliminate any person with no repercussions to yourself, would you press that button?" Yes, said 69 percent of the males and 56 percent of the women, representing tens of millions of would-be dead bosses, co-workers, spouses and lovers and ex’s, family members, neighbors, politicians, telemarketers, movie stars, news reporters with bad wigs, reality game show contestants, and lawyers who appear on Geraldo. ...

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  1. Nice. I like the part in which you suggest that there are problems to which there are NO solutions.
    They are difficult. I currently have one such. I am raging against "God". I rage against the notion of "Eternal damnation". I rage with a vengeance. It is a highly manipulative idea. (there is no "solution" to the problem of death either way but if allowed to fester it can be rather destructive).
    I happened to crack in my youth primarily because of this scare. (Sadly, I was not alone in this: the young Luther had to grapple with similar condition of death scare...as any suicide bomber who ties an explosive belt around his waist must first believe in the punishing depths of "eternal damnation" he "solves" by this destructive ideology-styled feat of personal immolation and "bravery".)
    In the past I cracked down because of this trap. I acted up. That given the oppressive regime in my country at that time and destructive drug treatment (with consecutive cold turkeys and further damage on) lead to derailment of my carrier.

    Now, decades after, I face the consequences of splintered life experience and broken life course.

    It is difficult for me now to manage this anger with the deceptive, manipulative totalitarian ideology of hell scare. Ultimately, the problem of death IS real. Only it has NO solution. And I happened to bite at the toxic one, crack and act out.

  2. I am bi-polar, and was diagnosed when I was 23. I am now 30 with two children. I have recently realized that anger consumes my thoughts with depression short to follow or all ready luming. After being on the brink of tears for the last 2 weeks I asked for help today. I now have counseling classes and parenting classes to start. I decided to be pro-active and start researching myself which brought me to this article. What a down to earth, well writen, informative, understanding article. Thank you for your prospective as well as your knowledge. I feel better, and I wanted to say, Thank You!:)

  3. I get pissed off just reading about this...no kidding my spouse is a swallower (no pun intended) and I am the exploder...in the end I have better control with explosions, but she can only hold it down for so long and then explodes like Mount St. Helen! For me during mania--anger is to BP as eggs are to bacon.