Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comments to Diet/Food Articles

You Are What You Eat

A 2003 issue of Time International reports on 41-year-old Amanda Jodhpuria, who had bad luck with lithium, and sought out a nutritionist who diagnosed a B vitamins and fatty acids deficiency, which prompted her to change her diet ...

Diet and Obesity

In the 2004 documentary movie, "Supersize Me," film-maker Morgan Spurlock makes himself a human guinea pig by eating nothing but McDonald’s fare for one month and reducing his normal exercise. ...

Sweet and Sour

Are you worth your weight in sugar? The average American eats more than 125 pounds of white sugar a year, comprising 25 percent of our daily calorie intake. ...

Don't Drink the Diet Coke

Some time in 2000 or 2001, I received a forwarded email from "Nancy Markle," which set out to document the dangers of the artificial sweetener, aspartame. ...


  1. nan sachsel nansachsel@yahoo.comJanuary 8, 2009 at 6:34 PM

    remember, the fat in guacamole/avos is good for you. not so much the cheeses and sour cream. grapeseed oil is even better than olive. canola is highly processed and may contain petroleum by-product residue. avoid cottonseed oil unless organic. cotton is imbued with more pesticides than any safe foods.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Nan. I need to update the article. Since moving to southern CA, avocados have become my secret weapon in my cooking.

    1. The avocados have become my secret weapon in my cooking.

  3. Coke changed the formula for Diet Coke in 2005 and now uses Splenda, a natural derivative of sugar. Sucralose (Splenda) is derived from natural sugar. 95% of all sugar-free candies use Splenda as a surgar replacement because the AMA cosidered it to be the safest sugar substitute available to the consumer. Aspertame (NutraSweet) results in the substance of wood alcohol and that can result in poor physical and mental health if consumed in great quantities. Of course, of you are consuming great quantities of coke (or ANY diet drink for that matter) you need to see a psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

  4. I have tried to reduce my sugar intake by replacing sugar in my coffee with aspartame and, when drinking soft drinks, going for the sugar-free variety. So I read this article with some interest, especially since a colleague noted that aspartame has been implicated in depression, for which I am being treated with Sertralin. However, I also note that the dose used in the Walton study in 1993 of 30 mg of aspartame per kg of body weight translates, in my case, into 2,700 mg a day. A single aspartame "tablet" weighs 8 mg, which means I would need to ingest 337 of them in a day to achieve the test dosage. I don't know how much aspartame is in a Diet Coke, for example, but it's hard to imagine it would be anywhere near this level. So the question is, does this study tell us anything useful?

  5. Nutrition consulting helps in achieving healthiness and fitness with proper food management

  6. These days hundred kinds of diet supplemets are available in market, some of them are effective but some are harmfull for your body so before taking any diet supplement ask your dietician and also check that diet reviews. so choose best diets which suit your body.

  7. This is just a personal anecdote so take it for what it's worth, but after reading, "Don't drink the Diet Coke," I'm convinced there is a connection between aspartame and depression. My symptoms and own suspicions led me to find evidence of a connection.
    I've been diagnosed with dysthymia and I have definitely noticed a distinct difference in my mood (from bad to worse) after drinking a large amount (2 to 3 cans) of diet coke. I realized a connection after not drinking DC for a week after having the flu. When I got over my flu, I had a lunch while drinking DC with a couple refills...and I felt HORRIBLE a couple hours later...I was fatigued, I couldn't focus, and my memory for simple things was VERY fuzzy.
    My mood has gotten better over all with treatment of the dysthymia (no meds currently) but memory loss and blurred vision is still definitely noticeable when I have Diet Coke (or actually any cola not always diet)...I know I should just stop the soda.
    I wonder if the author knows of any long term effects of being susceptible to this or if I quit the Diet Coke (soon) will the symptoms go away?

  8. They did the same thing to saccrin, after feeding rats two pounds a day, the scared the public into stopping it. Now they claim there is nothing wrong with it, after the wrecked the whole saccrin business. Every time something new comes along, they feed tons of it to a rat or mouse, and when it drops dead, it is bad for us and don't use it.

  9. I have been dealing with vertigo for a good 2 months. went to the chriopractor found out i have a neck injury and it helps with the vertigo everytime I go but, not healed went to the Doctor and they put me on prednsone for swelling and sinus infections. Funny to come across this article I have been drinking diet drinks for about 2 months and have been really depressed and that is not me. Was wondering what is going on. Maybe just maybe I can figure it out now. let you know.

  10. Sorry pure bull shit! I LOVE my diet coke

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  12. This aspartame controversy is similar to the asbestos controversy. There are studies about the harmful effects of aspartame and there are studies about its benefits. When I was pregnant, I used to drink diet coke and nothing bad happened to me and my baby that's why I could say that artificial sweeteners during pregnancy are safe.

  13. I agree, artificial sweeteners during pregnancy are safe. I've consumed food with aspartame before and nothing bad happened to me.