Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comments to Mindfulness - Living in the Present

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A thought-provoking Zen parable goes like this:
A man encountered a tiger in a field. He attempted to escape by lowering himself down a precipice. He looked down and, to his horror, saw more tigers looking up, anticipating their next meal. He looked up and spotted two mice above gnawing on the vine he was clinging to.

Oh, crap. ...

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  1. Excellent! I actually tried meditation for depression - something went horribly wrong and I got thrown into a psychotic state (or Nirvana!) I now understand why in India they always said to do meditation under the guidance of a guru!

  2. I discovered this 3 days ago and have applied a 24 hours rule to my brain; hard to explain but it is working - control thoughts, calm them down, and review them in 24 hours