Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comments to The Fear and Anger Equation

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Do fear and anger underpin practically every mood and personality state? What kind of crazy question is that?

Hagop Akiskal MD of the University of California at San Diego thinks he may have an answer.

Dr Akiskal is no fan of the DSM approach of separating out psychiatric phenomena into neat diagnostic parcels. The dynamics of mood and temperament, and their interactions, are far too messy for that, especially when they involve mixed depressions that behave suspiciously like bipolar disorder.

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  1. Can you provide more links to studies you cite? This study looks fascinating, but the point of a blog is to link people out to sources. Fascinating model for anger and fear. I'm particularly curious about dopamine and anger. More on this please!

  2. Thanks for your interest, Anonymous. The two full articles of Akiskal and Lara cost me $30 each for limited access, which is why I didn't link. Here are the PubMed URLs for the abstracts:



    The articles are brimming with citations, so if you're interested in delving deeper, this is money well-spent. You will need to go to the Journal of Affective Disorders website.

    Hope this helps.