Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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What's in Your Diagnosis

Bipolar - Sharpening the Diagnostic Picture


  1. Great article...a little overwhelming, but certainly makes me feel better that my "bipolar" husband doesn't really fit the DSM-IV mold. I like the idea of Bipolar Spectrum Disorder...but where does this lead in terms of better disease management? That is what is most important at this point. Current treatment options fall way short. I am married to a man who has suffered his whole life from this illness, and the last 4 years have been a non-stop, painful, failure of drug after drug after drug combination, after drug combination, after ECT, etc. Now where do we go (he's 52 y.o.)?

  2. Great, great article. I am so amazed when I read your stuff and it pinpoints exactly what I feel. I went to a shrink who diagnosed me correctly (BP II), then proceeded to ask me every session if I had racing thoughts, couldn't sleep and had grandiose thinking...I kept telling her that I don't have manias like that. Some books do go into accurate portrayals of BP II, but not many, so it was confusing for me initially. Either she wasn't that knowledgable about BP II or I had Unipolar. Once I read about Hypomania I finally could relate. My depressions are what I hate. The hypomanias are my good times overall. Just as you mentioned, I am "socially charasmatic", quick as lightening, and my house is clean as a whistle. I get more done in a day than when I struggle with depression for a month (sad, but true) Albeit, during the hypomanias I get a little impatient with my family and world in general, because people just aren't moving fast enough for me and doing what I want them to do(!!), but all in all, it is a pleasurable symptom of the BP. Also, the woman's comment that was quoted in the article could be my words exactly. My moods can change from day to day and morning to afternoon. I never know if I will get up and want to move to Alaska and hide out from people or am in my zippity do-da-state- ready to tackle the world with whatever it throws me!! Life is never dull..I've learned to roll with it and appreciate the up sides to it. What else can I do? wallow in self pity? I dont' think so. There is too much to live for!

  3. I have read many books to find out about maina - hypomania and bipolar in general. No book claryfies it as you do. And indeed the classifications are a bit confusing as they do nomt make sense 100%. I tahnk you for what i have read so far (this article) and i will read everything else that i find i need to know. Thanks for your passion!