Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comments to Stress and Anxiety Articles


Anxiety in Depression and Bipolar Disorder


  1. Your conclusion, "Please do not assume that you JUST have depression or bipolar disorder. ..." is so very reassuring.

    Finally, after years of intense self-examination, and years of being diagnosed with "depression," I can now tell doctors, "I am am NOT depressed! I am scared!"

    I have debilitating anxiety (intense fear) due to PTSD, where even the slightest, seemingly innocuous little thing, triggers this intense fear.

    These fears make my life miserable, and if I were to describe this "miserableness," it would be perceived as "depression."

    But I am scared! That is why I am depressed!

    SSRIs, Buspar, Benzodiazepines, and all other "anti-depressants" have never reduced my fear. I doubt others like Tricyclics or MAOIs will work either.

    My current bet is on something that will REDUCE Catecholamines; like a Beta Blocker.

  2. Hi, Anonymous. Stress is a contributing factor to literally every mental illness. In many cases, it is the cause. And - of course - stress is based on fear.

    Welcome to mcmanweb and keep us posted on how the beta blocker works.