Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Comments to Seasonal Affective Disorder

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I stood in a steady drizzle, the rain beating on my exposed head like a Chinese water torture. But my physical discomfort was nothing compared to the subtle process taking place from within the other side of my skull. Months before, without knowing it, I had said goodbye to the sun forever, and it was beginning to have a very pronounced effect on my psyche. ...

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  1. Light Therapy---b4 diagnosis, one winter became bed bound, a friend forced me to try skiing for the very first time. All disheveled and a clouded brain I managed to go and kept going every weekend, all weekend with quite a few of weekdays as well. I caught the ski bug but something else happened---my mood lifted my energy increased my brain was sharp----it must be summer! The collateral effect of being outdoors ,the bright snow ,and so many bright days from sun up till sun down during this particular winter was a mood change on a grand scale. Light Therapy---It was years later that I was diagnosed and realized what and why that happened----