Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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You are no longer bouncing off walls or chained to your bed. The meds are kicking in. Your worst symptoms have receded. You have your brain back.

But something isn’t right. “You” has not returned. And the side effects of the meds are making you feel worse in many ways. Is this it? you wonder. Is this my fate? Is this what each day of the rest of my life will be like

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  1. Dear John

    Greetings from New Zealand (where one of your favourite films, Once Were Warriors was written and made).

    I am 37 and have been diagnosed 2 years ago with bipolar. Prior to that I was a very high functioning business woman but who when I look back had a life of highs and lows. The wheels for a variety of reasons totally fell off in 2008.

    I am now wanting to live and regain my life but wanting to make good decisions that keep me well.

    I have taken the last 2 and a half years off but now finances have run out and I need to get back to making some money. I seem to be fine with sleep/exercise under control and no stressors but when "life"hits I get knocked back down aagain. To date I have resisted taking any meds (apart from thyroxin) as I have had thyroid cancer and the occassional sleeping pills for when things get bad.

    I have enjoyed discovering your blog and look forward to reading more articles.

    Thank you for your work. I remain hopeful of a wonderful life ahead.


  2. hey john

    i was feeling down, but now i feel inspired to carry on and live well.

    its the way you wrote it that made the difference. so, thanks. i think your blog will play an important part in my recovery