Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Let's throw away the terms, depression and bipolar. Let's say the perfect mental storm, instead. ..

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  1. Thanks John. I appreciate this post. It is true. its a storm. it subsides and we think we are over it but sometimes it comes again. i've been struggling with depression in the last 18 months and recovered but recently been having a "mini-storm" shall we say, and happened to come across your site. its very informative and helpful. and helps me move on

    i've also started a blog last summer to recount my experience and alsot o confront my own thoughts and feelings. pls hv a read if you have time: nochnoch.com

    thanks again

  2. Yes, a storm, an all encompassing raging ocean.

  3. I came home from work today - crying inside, tired of being mentally battered by people and myself, and highly suicidal. About 5 weeks of deepening depression, and this week several nights of minimal sleep and escalating anger inside me. A perfect storm to be sure. I decided to search the internet for a good suicide cocktail - and found some interesting information I could have used. But while I was looking tonight I remembered this website and how positive I had felt reading and contributing to it. I hadn't bookmarked it (it is now) but I recalled an approximation of your name. I wanted to remind myself of what I have written here before. And to be re-inspired by your articles and the stories of other survivors - so that I could survive yet again.
    Thanks for giving people like me somewhere we can record our experiences, our losses, our wins. And that we probably have something wonderful ahead of us. I love the story about Abraham Lincoln.